SUP Boards For Sale

We are really pleased to be part of the NeptuneSUP team. This UK company have a great philosophy:

“The idea behind Neptune was simple, create a brand, make great quality boards and paddles, lose the massive mark-ups, get more people on the water”

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SUP Boards

Neptune offer a range of SUPs to suit every paddler: All-rounder SUPs; Surf SUPs; Yoga SUPs; WindSUPs ; and Race/Cruiser SUPs. These boards are constructed to a high standard consisting of a high quality EPS foam core encased with three layers of top quality fiberglass. All boards are then finished with Neptune’s signature gloss polish bamboo Veneer.


All Rounder SUP

This board is perfect for entry level paddlers but is also ideal for all levels of ability. Not only quick on the flat but versatile and great fun in light surf, making it suitable for lakes, rivers and ocean. With its beautiful design matched with its high level finish and construction this 3 fin board will guarantee you have plenty of fun on the water! All boards come with a Camera mount, tail wedge deck grip and fin set.

Board Specifications
Length 10’ 10’6 11’ 11’6” 12’ 12’6”
Width 31” 31.5” 31” 30.5” 30” 31.5”
Depth 4.5” 4.5” 4.5” 5” 5” 4.5”
Weight 11Kg 12Kg 13Kg 14Kg 15Kg 16Kg
Volume 175Lt 186Lt 198Lt 208Lt 218Lt 228Lt

When purchasing a BOARD &PADDLE YOU ONLY PAY £100 FOR THE PADDLE – a saving of £49!


3K Carbon Adjustable Paddles with a PU core with a Bamboo veneer blade and new blade edge protection construction it combines strength and light weight, the 2 most important factors in a paddle. Designed with perfection to compliment your Neptune SUP.

SUP Boards for Sale

If you would like further details on any of the other boards available in the Neptune Range, or to book a demonstration or make a purchase, please CONTACT US.