Ever Considered Learning a New Sport?

“A retentive memory may be a good thing, but the ability to forget is the true token of greatness”. Elbert Hubbard

So how many of us have conveniently ‘forgotten’ those steadfast New Year’s Resolutions we made through the haze which accompanies the overindulgences of the Christmas period? With the most popular Resolutions being:

1) Lose Weight
2) Exercise More

I think that by now, the end of January, only a few resolute individuals are standing by their commitments to change their lifestyle.

Ever considered learning a new Sport?
The key to improving fitness levels is regular exercise and the key to regular exercise is finding a sport which you enjoy. Sport should be fun! Over 50% of people who commit to regular exercise, quit after a short period due to boredom and lack of motivation. Most importantly Sport should challenge you both mentally and physically…

Your most challenging moments are what defines you — your senses of empowerment and spiritual development become most apparent during the tests, trials, and tribulations”

The science bit…
The college of Sports Medicine states that if we need to conduct cardiovascular exercises 30 to 45 minutes per session to stimulate physiological change. Done correctly, we should start to notice positive signs of adaption within three to six weeks of commencing a new exercise regime. Additional physiological gains are evident after 3 to 6 months of training…..So the biggest challenge of all? Finding a sport or exercise routine that you can adhere to for at least 6 months – and ideally a lifetime!

Ever considered SUP?
It can be a relaxed, serene and peaceful form of gentle exercise or alternatively an exciting, physically demanding and adrenaline fuelled, extreme sport. However you do it, it is a great cardiovascular workout for your body. Training on unbalanced surfaces is very effective for building the core muscle groups, and for training muscles to work in co-ordinated ways, as oppose to traditional resistance training where muscles are trained to work in isolated groups in a stable environment.
Benefits of SUP:

  • SUP MusclesFull body workout from head to toe
  • Balance, strength, endurance, co-ordination, flexibility, and core stability
  • Cardiovascular workout
  • Low impact
  • Outdoors
  • Above all, it’s a fun workout!


SUP Location
Those of us who reside in the UK are currently ‘blessed’ with sub-zero air-temperature, chilly water temps, and the threat of an impending ‘displaced polar vortex’. Probably not ideal conditions for beginners to learn SUP.

Those of us who live in the UK, are however lucky as we are never more than a few hours flight away from more temperate climates and warmer waters.

The Southern coast of the Algarve is a perfect destination for some winter sunshine. And with Low Cost airlines flying from many UK airports also means, international flights are often cheaper domestic rail fares!!

We have combined with AlgarveSUP to offer two super holiday itineraries. Both easily adapted to suit beginner paddlers, families, or more advanced SUPers looking for a challenge.

See: SUP Holidays for more details.

SUP is suitable for all age groups and levels of fitness.

SUP is suitable for all age groups and levels of fitness.


ASI Instructor, Director of SupAdventureUK, providing SUP Holidays, Paddleboard Lessons and Sales, Stand up Paddle Activities.

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